Paximus Maximus

by Tax

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Our debut album (CD), 15 songs.


released February 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Tax Tampere, Finland

We play live music. Contact needmoretax (ät) gmail (dot) com for booking

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Track Name: Paradox
We're burning up gasoline to get away from this wasteland. We're so tired of breaking our backs. We want fresh air. We want blue skies.

We rise against all that's evil (but we still pay the bill for their fuckups).
We rise against all that's evil (but we don't know whose side we're on).
Fuck this I want out.
Track Name: Heaps of Thrills
Well I thought I heard you laughing. Sad to say you heard wrong. Innocent children haven't walked these premises for ages. We keep screaming while we witness the murders. You want to do something... forget your old way of living.
Peer pressure is rising. Ideas ain't flying.
So quit staring at your phone 'cause you listen to no-one.

There is something we were given but there ain't anything to gain.

Please start living. Ideal = beauty... or feel free to put it way you wan't... 'cause that's what we are here for.

To be loved, to be left alone, to be chosen if you choose to. Extend your mind and love your body don't let yourself to be accused of crimes you did not commit. Commit to life.
Track Name: Setting an Example
We made it thru another night of these speeding cars, these blinking lights, these crowded bars

So happy to sing this out loud in this hotel room so close to hell. We're supposed to take a direct flight
Windows full of noises

But we are setting an example.

In this town the golden rule doesn't apply
We saw smoke in the skyscrapers. I'm not going to cry.
Track Name: Ukemi
Are you in olev with the city? What's the matter with you? Are you afraid of the parks these days? What's wrong with you? Walking the bike downhill. That is unacceptable at least back in the days

Bus is a luxury. You just sit on your ass and smile.

'cause your instincts they need to be trained so turn off the light. Darkness for protection or maybe just for fun.
One day I'll build me a perfect bike and ride downhill look ma no hands. Completely stoned.

You understand all about soundwaves. It's really simple
You understand all about sinewaves. This just needs a bit of reflection.

Ashes are bound to fall if you don't tell the truth. Come on.
Track Name: Commodore 27
What's with the trouble you had. You never gave any answers to those questions running around your head. You never told anyone at all what's running around your head. What's going around your head? Whats you talking about, what are you thinking about? What are you doing now? What are you going to do now?

Blackout I'm too tired to talk
my life is wasting away.
I've been dreaming for far too long.
My life's wasting away.

What's going around your head? What are you thinking about? What are you going to now?
Track Name: Closing the Borders
I won't discriminate. I won't be taught to hate. So write that on your refrigerator door.

Closing the borders let nobody in.
Closing the borders let nobody out.

Sometimes life can be hard on the other side. Sometimes life can be hard when you're trapped inside.
Track Name: Anthropy
Well there's people talking. There's people silenced. And there's people speeding and there's people thinking and those people live and they make thru their daily life. And the people hurt so the people breathe and we are more fucked up than we've ever been. People sell so the people buy. People try even though they might fail

People breathing and people taking over.
People killing. People will enslave now.
People live and the people die.
It's burning me.

I feel there's something so much more than we could be seeing. I feel there's something coming over.

So keep learning. Attention.
Here and now boys.....

People building, people will behave.
People learning and people loving others.
People see and the people learn.
I'm loving it.
Track Name: Freud
Echo rings around the world well actually around my head. Without these thoughts there would be nothing. The line between nature and I is a lie.

Stop analyzing us. Stop simplifying my mind's eye.
You can only break me apart but never make me whole.

We've been told that we cannot make it on our own. That we carry the blueprints of out failure. That's why we got 70 000 people on dope. That's why we got them hanging by the motherfucking rope.

You are not my doctor.
Track Name: Anti-iskelmä
I made some memories of this trip but it was not enough to form the full picture. I made some memories of this town but it was not enough to get me outta here.

All we have are these locked up memories
Erasing "should"
Everything we have is locked up in our tiny heads.
Erasing "should"

I made some memories of this night but it was not enough to tell the whole truth...
Track Name: Saw (How we run against the wall)
See how run against the wall.
The staircase reminds of a b&w picture printed in the back of your photo album. Imprinted in my mind a picture that changed my life.
See how we run against the wall.
Another fucking memory to put between the covers to dig out every summer. I'd rather see a picture taken from here, taken now.

Are we here to reminisce the past? A past I can't remember. Are we here to remind of the the past a past I can't remember.

I'm not here reminisce a past I can't remember
I'm going to die knowing that I deserved it.
Track Name: Learn to Dance
Questions arise: how did we survive this far? I ask why did we become so remote from our friends and the people we love, and our souls and our hearts? When will we learn to love with a smile?

They'll take your passphoto exploit your every detail. Change takes time but the people change... so smile.

The wheel keeps on turning. Just play and you'll see and you will love and you'll learn to dance. So dance with me.

They'll try to pacify you. Exploit your every detail. Change takes time but the people change so smile.
Track Name: Job
Your conscience won't hold these building up for very long. We built them up on unstable ground in unstable mental condition.

It is too late to be uncertain.
It is too late to beg your pardon.
It is too late to leave this mess behind.

Eventho we try to carry our own weight there's always someone falling weightless and friends too heavy to help

Critical mass has been achieved and there's no way out
Track Name: Right Tracks
My conscience keeps laggin behind. I don't have the time for the one I love. Widows cry out their sekfish needs and they hold it against me. I need to do what I choose. I need some proofs to know the truth.

Are we on right tracks?

They are forcing our tiny little lives into tiny little cubicles and keep making out our minds and they turn them against us.
But at least we can clog the drains. At least we gave em hell.
Track Name: Lla rof modeerf
Move away from evil, greed, envy, poisons of the mind.
As negativity as your standard how are you supposed to get along with your inmates?
Freedom for all not just for one.
Track Name: Armed with Music and a Longshot Theory
You are fired they said to me even after sixteen years of slaving my ass off. Working for nothing. Seeing the trouble. There were no golden handshakes.

Even if they would be wrong they would never tell it to you.

You are tired you said to me even after eight hours of full sleep and I can't believe that there's something else I could do now.

Even if I could be wrong I would never tell it to you cause that's what friends are for.